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Obamacare Impact on Food and Drink Vending Machine Operators

New Regulations  by the FDA will require vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines  to disclose calorie content for certain food and drink items.    Vending machine operators with less than 20 vending machines are exempt from this requirement.   With the latest enhancement of technology it is fairly easy to install a LCD screen that can display the product details along with the calorie content.   Most new vending machines comes with such LCD screen pre-installed.

HealthyYOU, Vending Franchise Company,  announced that their distributors already have the upper hand with the option to display the required nutrition information on an easily readable LCD display screen located on the front of their vending machines.  You can expect similar announcements from other major players in the vending machine industry.

Now, what about all those vendors who currently own 15 to 19 machines and planning to grow in the year 2014.  Well, as you might guess this will be bit costly.  Machines operators will have to upgrade all machines as soon as they cross 20 installed vending machines.   Multiple solutions are available from almost all vending manufacturers and distributors but one should expect to spend $200 to $400 for the upgrade of each machine.

Are Americans becoming more healthy and have a strong urge to know the calories ?   I think at least that is want the FDA wants.  I see this new regulation as no surprise. So many players are already pitching the healthy snacks revolution.  Mike Burnett, president of HealthyYOU Vending, stated that  “We have been in the vending industry for over 14 years and have long recognized and built upon the growing shift in public demand for healthier food products away from home. HealthyYOU Vending’s machines offer a wide range of snack and drink products that can be all natural, organic, gluten-free or high in antioxidants — plus they taste great. We’re dedicated to supporting healthy lifestyles and helping our distributors build their own successful businesses,”

How come you didn’t hear about this new regulation ?

Although this new regulation will be enforced by the food and drug administration but it originated from the President Obama’s health care reform legislation, Section 4205 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. 

Why President Obama care about the vending machines ?

Health Care Savings – Yes, you heard it right.  Its all about the money.  FDA estimates that if just two percent of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories per week, it would save at least $24 million in annual health care costs.  Law of large numbers.  Small percentage change in large numbers add up to a significant number.

What do you think about the new regulation ? Do you care ?

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