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Naturals2Go Now Offering Facial Recognition for Quick Picks

In may seem like a scene from a Hollywood Blockbuster. You walk up to a vending machine, tap the interactive screen and a small camera takes a picture to start a facial recognition program. In few seconds, you get a personalized list of your favorite items displayed on the screen.  The company head quarters is informed about the presence of their (YOU) repeat customer.   Carefully designed marketing system offers you a unique discount to encourage purchase.

Leading healthy vending company, Naturals2Go, announced a business opportunity that allows entrepreneurs to start their own vending business.   The company offers a complete turnkey program to anyone looking to build their own vending machine route.

“We treat each new healthy vending operator’s business as if it were our own,” says President and Founder Randy Francis. “We look for ways to give our vending operators a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and this new facial recognition service makes us unique.”  Positioning the company as a provider of technology enablers to help vending operators is not new to Naturals2Go. The company has also developed a suite of cloud-based business management tools that are exclusively available to the company’s independent operators. In addition, Naturals2Go offers access to their online training and business development program, Vend Tech University, to its hundreds of vending operators. This combination of technology tools helps vending operators start faster, grow more quickly, and more easily manage the day to day operators of their business.

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