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Healthy Vending

Healthy Vending Overview

Minimum Required Cash:             $100K+

Total Investment:                            $150K+

Required Net Worth:                     $200K

Financing:                                            3rd Party Lending Is Available

Full-Time/Part-Time                       Both Available

Available Opportunities:               Available In The United States

Healthy Vending

In 2008, the HUMAN Healthy Vending franchise was founded. Our vision is to “Make Healthy Food More Convenient Than Junk Food” with our healthy food vending machine franchise. Our franchises include vending machines with healthier food options like locally sourced food products and coffee vending machines.

Why Choose HUMAN Healthy Vending?

How has HUMAN Healthy Vending become the leading franchisor of healthy vending machine businesses in the world, with hundreds of operator partners in more than 100 markets and 40 states?

Some people might say that it is timing – with the healthy industry booming, skyrocketing health awareness and people needing and wanting to eat healthier than they ever have before.

While others would say that our supply chain is optimized and we have an expertise about our products allowing franchisees to deliver healthy and bestselling products to their customers affordably with high profit margins.

Still others in the vending machine industry say that it is our uniquely innovative and proprietary machines with technology that is superior as it is specifically built to maximize healthy vending profits while providing the finest experience for the user.

Or it just could be the overwhelming importance placed on discovery, location and acquisition for the franchisees. We place the development of our entrepreneurs above all else with our outstanding training system.

HUMAN Healthy Vending Philanthropy

10% of HUMAN’s profits are donated to promote improved nutrition and entrepreneurial education in schools that are undeserved. Our mission is to leverage social entrepreneurship’s power to improve the nation’s health by increasing access to healthful foods and nutrition education.

We also have a Young Entrepreneur’s Program which empowers the young to learn social entrepreneurship by both owning and operating their very own eco-friendly healthy vending machine business in their own school with the support of other students, staff and HUMAN Everywhere.

The more you know about HUMAN Healthy Vending, our vending machines, our training, our program, our training system, our existing franchisees and our supply chain, the more you will want to be part of the HUMAN experience.



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