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Healthier Snack Delivery Service for Business Workplaces

H.U.M.A.N is a  healthy vending franchise. Company was founded by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen in 2008 and started offering franchises in 2012.  In last couple years company has made a significant foot print with 156 franchisees in the United States.

The company has started a new program that offers healthy snacks direct-to-office. Sean Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of HUMAN also announced a brand new website (www.snacknation.com) to promote this new program.

How does this program works ?

Its as simple as Good, Better, and Best option.  Customers looking to provide healthy snacks for their employees may choose from the following three options to meet their staff’s needs:

  •     “The Snack Star” is suitable for growing companies of 1-19 employees and provides 140-160 healthy snacks per month. Cost: $249/month + no cost for shipping
  •     “The Snack Hero” is suitable for mid-sized companies with 20-39 employees and provides 280-320 healthy snacks per month. Cost: $479/month + no cost for shipping
  •     “The Snack Superhero” is suitable for companies with 40-75 employees and provides 420-480 healthy snacks per month. Cost: $699/month + no cost for shipping

All options come with a complimentary display box and optional Collection Box system. The display allows each office to showcase their healthy snacks in an organized fashion. The “Collection Box” option enables employees to purchase snacks by placing money in the box, thus subsidizing the program. Alternately, employers may subsidize the program and offer SnackNation’s healthier snacks for free.

You can learn more about this program here.

What is so special about this program ?

I think having preset cost adds bit of value.  This allows company to budget for healthy snacks.  At the same time, this give no competitive edge to H.U.M.A.N healthy franchise because independent distributors and other franchise businesses can easily copy this offering.


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