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Healthier 4U Vending

Healthier4U Vending Overview

Minimum Required Cash:             $18K+

Total Investment:                            $18K to $135K

Required Net Worth:                     N/A

Financing:                                            No In-House Financing

Full-Time/Part-Time                       Both Available

Available Opportunities:               Available In The United States


Healthier4U Vending

Healthier 4U Vending was launched as a wholly owned subsidiary of 21st Century Technologies Group to be the world’s premier healthy vending machine company. We have taken advantage of our manufacturing, product sourcing and distribution expertise with our excellent customer service to become the vending industry’s leader.

We provide top notch training and vending technical support at our Las Vegas, Nevada training facility. Healthier4U will show you the way to take advantage of our machines state-of-the-art remote access technology which allows you to monitor your vending machines from the internet. We provide hands-on training experience for maintaining and loading the vending machines. Additionally, we provide important business information such as tax advantages from owning a business, write-off and other benefits. We have the goal to provide you with all the tools and information necessary for you to be successful, not just to survive.

Why Choose Healthier 4U Vending?

Healthier 4U Vending has become the premier healthier food choice delivery system for people who are on the go. There are various investment levels available for you to become an owner and operator of these artful vending machines.

In addition to providing the machines and a successful business model, Healthier 4U Vending provides you with a selection of locations that are available for you to place your vending machines. Our in-house experts scout locations that are in your specific area. The will work with you to determine the best location for your needs in geographic location and type of location (for example, Gyms, Schools, etc.). Once you have approved your location, we will set the vending machine install up for you. It is truly that easy!

Healthier 4U has unique vending machines made in America with remote access technology enabling you to accept debit and credit cards as well as have instant online access to maintenance needs, levels of inventory stock and sales figures.

Additional Reasons To Choose Healthier 4U Vending

  • Zero Franchise Fees
  • We Provide Locations
  • Business Plan
  • Training
  • No Limitations Or Territory Issues On Where You Operate Your Vending Machine
  • Made In The United States
  • Topnotch Equipment, Service And Price
  • Personalization And Customization
  • Various Investment Levels
  • An Opportunity That Is Full-Service Giving You The Needed Advantage In The Industry

Premier Support And Training

After you purchase your Healthier 4U Vending Machine, you will participate in a 2 day hands-on training seminar. Our experts teach you every aspect of the business.

With over 100 years combined experience operating, setting up and supporting many small businesses, you get access to the most knowledgeable staff. Healthier 4U Vending has experts in business services, coaching, technical and hardware support, product support and sales.

Healthier 4U Vending Is The Business You Have Been Searching For

Opportunities are available for motivated people ready to become part of the exciting healthy evolution in the vending machine industry. Healthier 4U will teach you everything you need to know as long as you have a strong desire to learn.

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