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Healthy Snack Vending Machines Making $36,000 Per Month

Chicago parks have replaced the usual vending machine fare with healthier snacks. This new healthy change has increased the total vending machine sales each month significantly. Chicago is one of the first cities improving the food available in public areas with its 100% Healthier Snack Vending Initiative. In 2010, the district searched for bids in a vending contract that had ...

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The District of Washington, D.C. Sets New Nutrition Standards For Vending Machines On Government Property

Healthy food and beverage choices in vending machines has been quite the “buzz” in the media, especially in Washington D.C. New legislation in the District made important steps to creating a healthier city through implementing healthier nutrition policies. This is a huge win for the advocates who helped move it forward. There has been a growing discussion about utilizing convenient ...

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The World’s Weirdest Vending Machines

pizza vending machines

Although 95% of vending machine revenue comes from traditional items such as sodas and snacks, unique vending machines are giving the industry a boost. Many companies are trying to sell their products in vending machines because it adds convenience and gives them a competitive edge. You can get practically anything on demand from a vending machine including live crabs, cupcakes, ...

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Naturals2Go Now Offering Facial Recognition for Quick Picks

In may seem like a scene from a Hollywood Blockbuster. You walk up to a vending machine, tap the interactive screen and a small camera takes a picture to start a facial recognition program. In few seconds, you get a personalized list of your favorite items displayed on the screen.  The company head quarters is informed about the presence of ...

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Obamacare Impact on Food and Drink Vending Machine Operators

New Regulations  by the FDA will require vending machine operators who own or operate 20 or more vending machines  to disclose calorie content for certain food and drink items.    Vending machine operators with less than 20 vending machines are exempt from this requirement.   With the latest enhancement of technology it is fairly easy to install a LCD screen ...

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Healthier Snack Delivery Service for Business Workplaces

H.U.M.A.N is a  healthy vending franchise. Company was founded by Sean Kelly and Andy Mackensen in 2008 and started offering franchises in 2012.  In last couple years company has made a significant foot print with 156 franchisees in the United States. The company has started a new program that offers healthy snacks direct-to-office. Sean Kelly, CEO and Co-Founder of HUMAN also announced a brand ...

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Tubz vending machine company raises over £37K for a children’s charity

 £37K for a children’s charity was raised by Tubz Brands for Starlight Children’s Foundation in just little over five months.  This was announced by the company in a recent press release.  Tubz brand is a provider of vending machine franchise in United Kingdom.  Company sells vending machines for as little as £2499.   Starlight Children’s Foundation focuses on ‘Brightening the lives of seriously ...

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Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc. Introduces New Website Platform that Caters to Recent USDA Guidelines

Franchise Expo will be held from Feb 6th to Feb 8 2014 in Houston TX.  You can expect to see many franchise companies at this show. In a recent press release, Fresh Healthy Vending International, Inc., a leading healthy vending machine company, announced the plans to exhibit at the Franchise Expo at Reliant Center in Houston. The expo will bring ...

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