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1-800-Vending Business Review

1-800 Vending first gives its consumers an understanding regarding vending machines before they can decide on the most appropriate investment. They offer 15 different features that should be considered and these features are distinguished in the three main kinds of vending machines that they have.

1)      Outdated snack/soda vending machine: These have a minimum advanced technology that allows a 5 to 7 drinks selection. There are 2 main pieces in the machine that require heavy lifting and assembly work with electrical connections.

2)      Mechanical vending machines: These require an exact amount of change and do not accept bills. There are also some difficulties when it comes to changing prices on them. They are difficult to locate because they are considered old fashioned.

3)      All soda/all snack vending machine: The investment for this vending machine is high because it offers a great variety of products that allows great returns. It may be difficult to locate because of the structure of the machine as multiple machines are required to set it up.

In general 1-800 vending machines allow investors to sell a greater variety and volume of products in comparison to the traditional vending machines. This allows maximizing income levels and as a result higher profits. Over the years, the business has to offer thoroughly tested vending machines that are secure for customers and are being advertised to the market today. The designs of the vending machines are theft-proof due to the maximum-security locks. The 5 main technologies used in it are:

–          A digital display package

–          Credit/debit card capability

–          Remote plus system

–          Smart Card Technology

–          E-manage vending management software

When it comes to vending machines, the appearance is the main thing that attracts the attention of customers towards itself. Based on this fact, 1-800 vending offers very attractive vending machines that are suitable for any location due to their state of the art design.These vending machines are designed for the purpose of attracting people of different age groups in high traffic areas.

For the customer’s loyalty and satisfaction, 1-800 vending offers a 7 year limited warranty on all parts of the vending machine. There is a fire and theft protection plan that is provided with ‘shipping assurance guarantee’ because of which any shipment damages don’t have to be worried about.

There are a great number of both positive and negative reviews from customers regarding the vending machines that they have invested in, below are some of the examples:

“We could not be happier! After just 11 months we are seeing so many benefits. The machines are great! They are so sturdy and weigh about a third as much as other vending machines. My husband and I can move them around’’ Candee and Kelly from Clinton

‘’Every aspect of the business has been great. The software is very thorough it is above and beyond what I was expecting. It is a very professional database that has helped us in tracking all of our inventory, machines, routes and much more. I would suggest 1.800.Vending to anyone.” Troy from Rigby

“The customer service department is a joke. No point of calling and calling cause no one will answer” John from Washington.

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